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Why Choose Our Group?

State Insurance Group has a unique model that provides a process for an independent agency to gain increased access to carrier markets, to utilize economies of scale to maximize remuneration benefits, to have access to support system available through master group and member affiliation, to have group branding, and to be represented as part of State Insurance Group affiliation in carrier discussions and contract negotiations.

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What is it like to be a SIG agent

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Simply Sig

For current agency owners, we take pride in getting to know you personally so that we can champion you and your agency as we work towards appointments and opportunities that align with your strategic goals.
For current producers seeking to gain independence in owning their own agency, our personalized support method will help you identify the best partners (from carriers to tech companies!), strategies and operational practices. Current Producers might opt to start their own agency or even explore our Bridge Program!

Feeling stuck? If you dream of more autonomy in your agency and the decisions affecting your future, our consultative approach can help review and identify some of the best options for your path to independence.

When you are starting out on your own, having a champion in your corner will be the best decision you’ll make for your agency.  Getting the guidance and support from Day 1 will save you time and earn you more. If you’re already producing, you can consider a Start Up Agency or even our Bridge Program.

The State Insurance Group Bridge Program provides an opportunity for licensed insurance agents and agencies to achieve accelerated possibilities through access to the established scale, resources, carrier relationships, and infrastructure of the State Insurance Group network.  The Bridge Program provides a development path necessary for establishing the foundations of a successful, profitable, and long-term agency.

A unique feature of the Bridge Program is the option to transition to a SIG Independent Affiliate.  The ability to focus on further developing a referral pipeline, and establishing proven production ability with carriers all while being less incumbered by the day-to-day administrative requirements of agency operation provides a streamlined path to bridge into a SIG independent affiliate, Your Agency.  

All of our Simply SIG programs include: