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Strength in Numbers

State Insurance Group supports elevates motivates our agents.

State Insurance Group members represent an affiliation of individually owned and operated independent insurance agencies that share common business goals and demonstrate similar core values. As a group, we help satisfy carrier need to capture an intended share of the market by writing profitable quality business that best fits carrier appetite. Each agency has its own unique personality and maintains autonomy while connected by the common thread of our like-mindedness and group affiliation. We recognize that it is essential to our clients, our agencies, and our carrier partners that each member affiliate agency conducts itself in a manner consistent with our organizational philosophy.

Why State Insurance Group?

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Erin Gleason

President, State Insurance Group

With nearly 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, Erin Gleason is an asset to clients and business partners who appreciate her knowledge, forward thinking, professionalism and ability to empower and motivate the people around her.

A Florida native born and raised in Martin County, Erin credits her entrepreneurial spirit to her parents who instilled in her a never-quit mindset and taught her the importance of following the Golden Rule.

Elisha Stoecklin

VP of Growth & Development

After a 20-year career in the non-profit sector, Elisha comes to State Insurance Group with a passion for helping people connect. Her drive to support others while identifying opportunities for growth and efficiencies is at the heart of everything she does. Elisha is a natural problem solver and a strategist. She brings an energy and sense of adventure everywhere she goes. When she is not in the office, you might find her in the great outdoors with her husband and two boys.

What Excites me about SIG? My role with State Insurance Group gives me the opportunity to help people in a very personalized way. Getting to know the agents and the carriers that we serve on a personal level means that I can truly connect and identify opportunities to position each for long term success. Everything about SIG is focused on how we can align relationships to best compliment each other. I LOVE THAT!

Kinley Allen

Marketing & Events Assistant

Entering the marketing and events industry with fresh enthusiasm, Kinley brings a unique perspective and a strong commitment to excellence. Her dedication to continuous learning and her innate organizational skills are reflected in her meticulous approach to every project.

Kinley is a proactive problem solver, eager to contribute innovative ideas and strategic solutions. Outside the office, she values exploring new environments and spending quality time with family and friends.