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This Is SIG

Independent, Not Alone.

This is the mission we set out to achieve when we began State Insurance Group 15 years ago. The goal was to provide power through an association of like-minded individuals with entrepreneurial drive and passion for building relationships. Since our insurance careers began in the captive space, there were certain elements that were important as we considered our path for going independent.

We understood the value in being part of an aggregator/network/cluster or franchise and we reviewed those options carefully, but while each one provided unique benefits, it seemed that they were “captive under another cover.” We were looking for something different—a way to be truly Independent while gaining advantages being afforded to large groups. We reinvented the group model and made a way for agents to OWN their agencies, OWN their books, and be the designer of their OWN destinies.

Own Your Book

Build a book of business that stays with you.

Realize Immediate Benefits

Receive increased commissions, bonuses and profit sharing.

System & Tech Discounts

Save on the systems and technology that make your job easier.

Exclusive Program Access

Access top-tier carriers and exclusive programs.

Exercise Flexible Branding

Establish a brand that best reflects your level of service.

Earn Rewards Trips

Your hard work yields extra perks. Enjoy the ride!

Experienced Expert Mentors

Train and strategize with our highly dedicated team and owners.

Sustainable Growth Plans

Achieve scale and security through combined efforts.

This is SIG

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