Attending FAIA?


Your Agency. Your Way.

Do I own my book of business?

Yes. As a State Insurance Group agency, you own your book of business and hold carrier appointments in your own name.

Does SIG decide what companies and vendors I work with?

No. Each agency has full autonomy with regard to the type, mix and placement of business. SIG provides opportunities that would have otherwise been unavailable and does not limit success by restricting access to certain markets or vendors.

Can I brand my agency any way I wish?

Yes. Each affiliated agency has the licensed use of the State Insurance logo and may use this brand and logo as its sole identity, or may use a different branding strategy such as a family name.

Does State Insurance Group provide opportunities to establish carrier relationships?

Yes. State Insurance Group provides the opportunity to procure individual appointments and access unique compensation opportunities. This process allows the agency to build strong personal relationships with carrier partners and representatives while maintaining control and accountability.

Do I get paid commissions directly from the insurance company?

Yes. Your commission is paid to your agency by the insurance carrier.

Will my agency participate in contingency bonuses paid by insurance companies?

Yes. Bonus and contingency revenue generated through the combined efforts of State Insurance Group affiliates is distributed based on the level of each agency’s contribution.

How long does it take to get started?

We have a streamlined process that can be tailored to your unique situation. Contact us today.